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Triggers are stored techniques which happen to be fired when details is modified within an underlying desk. They're able to Consider details currently being additional to your desk for validation purposes, or may make adjustments in that or other fields with regards to the worth of that information. You should use them even to execute a independent stored procedure, or to roll back a data modification or a complete transaction.

In earlier versions of SQL Server, triggers had been employed to keep up referential integrity. In present variations, constraints and foreign keys are used to accomplish Significantly of People tasks, but triggers are still applied to perform more complicated tasks than that are available to your built in newer resources, which include intricate column constraints, analysis of tables in other databases, sophisticated defaults, or cascading routines involving a number of modifications in various tables.

Triggers are made while in the Enterprise Supervisor, or within the Query Analyzer throughout the object browser. You will also find templates for triggers from the Query Analyzer (EditInsert Trigger). Triggers is often established with the following syntax:

Generate TRIGGER trigger_name

ON desk watch


FOR Just after INSTEAD OF [ INSERT ] [ , ] [ UPDATE ]





[ IF UPDATE ( column )

[ AND OR UPDATE ( column ) ]

[ … n ]

IF ( COLUMNS_UPDATED ( ) bitwise_operator updated_bitmask )

comparison_operator column_bitmask [ … n ]


sql_statement [ … n ]

There's two sorts of triggers: Immediately after and Rather than. Immediately after triggers AFTER TRIGGERS fireplace following the info is modified, both by http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=토토사이트 insert, delete, or update. If the data is inappropriate, as defined within the cause, the modification can be rolled again to exactly where it absolutely was ahead of the knowledge was modified. Right after triggers Immediately after TRIGGERS cannot be put on sights, and can't be used on more than one table. Also, the text, ntext, and image columns cannot be referenced in an after bring about. Following TRIGGERS.

Right after triggers Following TRIGGERS is usually nested to 32 degrees deep, and may be called recursively, once again to 32 stages.

As an alternative to INSTEAD OF triggers make the validation ahead of the modification. On the other hand, Instead of INSTEAD OF triggers CAN can be employed on sights. They do not allow recursion, and you may have only one particular Rather than In lieu of cause for every table. And you cannot use an Instead of As an alternative to trigger that has a cascade.


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